Peter Pan Birthday Party

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Bill turned 5 this month. We decided to have a Peter Pan themed birthday party because she is obsessed. We had a few friends over, ordered pizza and even had a screening of Disney's 1953 classic. Lilly was Wendy (obvs), Rosie wore her Tink gown and I did my best Smee impersonation.

We had donuts for dessert (because Lilly still isn't sold on cake/cupcakes/cookies) so we had them glazed with Wendy's colors. I made the kids Peter Pan hats out of felt and filled tiny treasure boxes with candy.

I decorated with various Peter Pan quotes around the house including the above pictured "Think Happy Thoughts". It was inspired by this print found on Etsy.

Lilly had "the best time ever" which is really what it's all about. Love my sweet shy girl.

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