Kindergarten Bill

So Lilly started kindergarten this year. Which is crazy. It has been a big adjustment for all of us. The tardy bell rings at 7:50am and there isn't a whole lot of leniency surrounding tardiness. We learned that the third day of school... after we were 2 minutes late.

Bill was not particularly thrilled with the change in our morning routine. So I can't watch TV at all anymore?!? Just get up and get dressed and go to school?!?!?!?! The struggle is real.

Other then that she has really enjoyed it. She enjoys homework, especially when she receives praise for a job well done.  She has friends (and a 'boyfriend' named Michael who she is going to marry because he gave her money... yeah).

She bravely asked to bring lunch money one day and I obliged giving her as much direction as I could. I felt anxious all day wondering if she remembered to tell her teacher, if the lunch ladies were helpful and kind, if she liked what they served. She got into the car that afternoon and stated: I didn't give them the money. I learned that she had felt unsure/shy so she didn't speak up or give anyone the money. But she did get lunch (not sure how that works) AND she came home with an extra dollar (see above about Michael).

All in all she is learning all about the important things in life: TV withdraw, money laundering, and boys. Amiright?

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