Pumpkin Patch

Alternate title: pissed off pumpkin patch. Rosie was such a little stinker last weekend at the "pumpkin sack" (her words). Probably because I made her take of her sister's way-to-big dress and put on one of her own before we left. She sassed all over the place, grimaced and growled through picture taking and got mad at pumpkins that were too heavy for her to lift.

Her sister on the other hand was the opposite. She was recovering from a high fever but I thought a small outing in the sunshine may help perk her up. She smiled for pictures and was very sweet, if not a bit sluggish.

We brought home some little pumpkins (and one greenish gray one!) to paint the next day. Which was an adventure in itself.

I love this season and sharing it with my girls.

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