Bud goes to preschool

This year my sweet baby bud started preschool.

She is attending her big sister's alma matter. She tried several times last year to blend into the surroundings, either settling in a chair or getting in line to wash her hands, so that I would let her stay and play with big sissy. Needless to say, she was over the moon when I told her it was her big day.

She picked out her 'parkly shoes (just like sissy's), got to take "first day front step" pictures and insisted on wearing her backpack at every available moment. No bud, you can't wear your backpack in your carseat. And marched into the school like she owned the place.

She wasn't sad in the slightest when I left and had, what I can assume, was the best first day ever UNTIL she found out that nap time happens at school too. The next few school days were a challenge because she didn't want to nap. No nigh nigh at coo, mama! but she is adjusting well. She was the last one up on the past two school days and I got the pleasure of waking her. I sure do love some sleepy/cuddly bud.

Buddy is so big and brave. I sure am proud of my girls.

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