Food Trucks

Holy crow. Another food post. I know, I know... you must think I am a foodie but I promise I'm not. 
(in case that wasn't clear I am being completely sarcastic)

Our church had our fall kick off today and to celebrate the occassion we invited some local food trucks to come share their deliciousness with us. It was my first experience with food trucks and let me just say: 

It was amazing. I got a ham and cheese empanada and a barbecue chicken empanada and some mini cup cakes. It was so good. Do you have any favorite local food trucks? (if they are in Orlando PLEASE SHARE!)


  1. hey sara, have you read the Daily City blog? They have a monthly food truck bazaar in a variety of orlando locations. tons of food trucks that can lighten your wallet : )

  2. None in Orlando but there are lots downtown minneapolis! mmmmm

  3. I'm so glad you tried La Empanada! A friend of mine runs that one and it is delicious :) I also tried Traveling Gourmet on Sunday and it was really good too!

  4. ARGH! So hungry. I shouldn't have looked at those cupcakes. Gosh darn!

    I don't think I've ever ordered food from a food truck before! I'm always in such a big hurry...