MM // Attention Span

Things I learned from watching this video (a bunch of times because, let's be honest, she's cute):

1. I assume that Lilly doesn't get a lot of things because she doesn't repeat them immediately. Not true. We hadn't sung that song in weeks! And she just whips it out while watching Toy Story 3 and playing with my old Polly Pocket Camper. 

2. A two year old's attention span is about 5 seconds. Lilly was really enjoying that movie until I started singing. Then she was really enjoying singing until the door on the camper popped open. Then she was consumed with the door. "Oopsies. Oopsies. Oopsies." Then it was back to Toy Story.  So I officially need to take a chill pill. There are so many times when I have to repeat my self to Lilly and then get full on mommy rage because she isn't listening to me. Well, perhaps she is listening to me for the next 4 seconds of that toddler moment and then its gone and so is the notion that I said "no". Does this mean I should stop reminding her that I said no? Probably not. She will learn eventually and I want to be consistent. But I do need to stop letting myself get upset. She is just two years old for crying out loud. Chill out Sara!

3. I need to make more effort to put clothes on my child. She wears nothing but a diaper pretty much the whole time we are at home... I'm lazy. 

Is she cute or what? Maybe I'm just a little biased. 


  1. Aw, she is really cute! And I have that camper too haha, was one of my favorite toys growing up and now it's on my bookshelf;)

    I think this will pass. 2 just seems to be the age were kids are at their most "inconvenient" haha;) But they're also really cute.
    I get that you can get a little worried or impatient sometimes, I think everyone would have a hard time when they feel like something is completely out of their control.

    And wow, she was really quicking at picking up the song again!

  2. Oooh, she is so adorable !!! And she looks so much like you as well (minus the blonde hair ;) ) But, what a cutie !!!!

  3. I say the "just diaper" style is totally in if your the kind of mama who HATES laundry. Wait, what kind of mama likes laundry? yeah...