Mommyhood Monday (on a Tuesday) // Halloween

Over the weekend we went to the zoo and unbeknownst to us they were having a Halloween event. The parking lot was full of kids in costumes and Lilly was not. I panicked for a minute. Then I felt like a failure of a parent for another minute. Then I put on my big girl pants and got over it. Lilly was wearing the bunny hat I made her so that was something.

she was very concerned about the sad ghost.

She had a blast and got some treats but can I be honest? It stressed me out! I am stressing about Halloween! I feel a certain amount of pressure (as I'm sure a lot of moms do) to come up with something  spectacular and then to make it myself. But you know what? I so don't think that's going to happen. And we are coming down to the line here! Halloween is one week away! I'm stressing. (did I already mention that?) Yesterday I even went to Target and walked down those torn to bits aisles to see what was left. Pretty much squat. There were some cheerleader costumes or generic princess costumes but they were so expensive (for a cheapskate like me). $20+ for a costume of something she doesn't know/care about and that she will only wear once, and for only like 2 hours?!? I couldn't do it. So here we are. A week before Halloween. No costume. No real ideas. Nothing. 

I will probably just throw something together this week. After looking back at the photos from the zoo I'm thinking about just finding a matching pink tee and leggings and throwing a cotton tail and whiskers on the girl and calling her a bunny. Does that count as hand made?


  1. i think her little hat is absolutely adorable. she would make a perfect bunny! :)

  2. I have a mullet wig she can wear if that helps at all (o;

  3. I think that sounds like the perfect bunny costume! I'm all about cheap and easy!

  4. I just found your blog and I'm having a great time browsing through some older posts :)
    I think her bunny hat is adorable - I would've loved to have a bunny costume when i was little :D

  5. I love that bunny idea! I think it's perfect! =]

    I saw a really cute idea of just taking a regular little sweatshirt and sewing a white fleece circle around the belly like bugs bunny.

  6. Lilly is ADORABLE in that hat :-)

    I feel ya with the stressed out part, I have half of my sons outfit complete (chewbacca) and I was going to make his push car into a mini millennium falcon but I just don't feel like it now...ahhh the mama stress we put on ourselves.