Paint in the tub

Painting in the tub turned out to be one greatest things ever. Lilly loved making the mess. She loved stepping in the paint and say "Ooooh. Slippy." She even loved cleaning off the mess with a sponge. I saw this idea somewhere on pinterest but, of course, didn't pin it so I can't tell you where the idea came from. Oh, well.

ps- we used Crayola washable paints in case you were wondering. ;) 


  1. Very very cool. It'll be one of those things that she remembers she did as a child and reminisces about when she gets older. Love it!

  2. I so can't wait to do this with Judah, when he reaches the age that he doesn't want to eat everything ;-)

  3. Was it hard to not crawl into the tub yourself and start painting?! That looks like FUN!