MM // Halloween

EDIT: I had to change the title of this post because of the amount of traffic it was receiving from people google searching "dirty moms". Yuck.

Happy Halloween!
Ha. Just a word to the wise. Don't google search "dirty moms." Let me tell you a secret. I hate to get my hands dirty. I know, I know- what a priss, right? It's embarrassing to admit but I will go to great lengths to keep my hands clean. I have gardening gloves, kitchen gloves, bathroom cleaning gloves. I will use multiple paper towels to clean up anything I deem gross... which is a lot. I just really dislike touching things that are squishy or wet or that will leave a residue on my hands. Which you can imagine has been a bit of a struggle for me as a mom. And like I said... I dislike this about myself. So, over the weekend a took a BIG step (for me). 

That's right! I cleaned a pumpkin. I touched all the gooey guts and pulled out all the seeds. It was kinda a big deal for me. I don't want to pass on my ridiculous dread of dirty hands to Lilly. I was pretty proud of myself. ;)

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  1. Super cute photos of you too! What a big pumpkin! I hate touching the insides of the pumpkin mess...ick! Congratulations on conquering the pumpkin!

  2. cute r u two??? Nice pumpkins!!!

  3. I hate dirty hands too!
    When we first got our pup, I was washing my hands every five minutes and would barely let him lick me. I've gotten better, but it is still a struggle. Good job with the pumpkin. :)

  4. That's a massive pumpkin! That must have been quite the job cleaning it out! But looks like fun!

  5. That pumpkin is big enough for Lilly to sit in! I like your carving job, so talented.

  6. Looks amazing! And how great of you to dive into such a huge pumpkin despite your fear! Looks like Lily had a great time:D

  7. wow! i feel your disgust, i'm not much for goo either.

    and oh my that pumpkin is large enough to fit Lilly! (we only have itsy bitsy pumpkins here so i'm pretty amazed)

  8. Holy ghost! That pumpkin is bigger than my last apartment!


  9. I wonder if its because you crochet/knit so much. I know once I started crocheting more I have to wear gloves when I clean and I LOVE to clean. But my callouses will get all soft and it will hurt when I go back to crocheting.

    Good job on the pumpkins :-)

  10. Are you two incredibly tiny or is that a gigantic pumpkin? :)

    Congrats on getting your hands dirty, too. Looks like Lilly enjoyed it!