Mommyhood Monday // Pregnancy Story part 3

Ahhh, the conclusion of a 3 week saga. Boy, I can get long winded sometimes. This one is definitely the happiest and most fun. (ps- if you want to catch up here are parts one and two.)

August 19th 2009
I can honestly say that despite my previous disappointment about the c-section it was a great experience. We got to the hospital around 7am and were almost immediately called back into surgery prep. We visited with the friendly nurses and answered lots of questions before my scheduled surgical hour, nine o'clock. There were only a few hick ups. The most painful (pre-delivery) part was getting my iv put in. The nurse had a hard time finding a vein so I got poked a few times. The epidural (the part I was most worried about) was easy... for me. Ben was standing across from me holding my hands while it was administered. He says that he saw the anesthesiologist pick up a gigantic needle and jam in into my back. (I had been given a numbing agent in my back already so I just felt pressure.) Then he saw me lurching forward as I was being poked and simply said "I think I need to sit down." Apparently that phrase isn't allowed in the hospital because they made him go in another room, lay down on a stretcher and drink some apple juice. He was fine. And he learned to never say those words in a hospital again. (hee hee)

We were wheeled back into surgery promptly at 9am. I was blissfully numb at the time so everything was just dandy for me. I do remember feeling like them were going to dump me on the floor when I was being rolled onto the operating table. It was a quick and easy experience. Lillian Elouise was born at 9:24 am and was perfectly healthy. She and her daddy went into recovery which they stitched me back up. At this point I became aware of a feeling I would identify as pain, although it didn't really hurt (drugs). I still told the anesthesiologist (who was with me the whole time) about it and she said "That is normal. They are putting your uterus back in." I pretty sure I would have freaked out about this if I were in a normal state of mind. 

Everything went swimmingly in recovery. Lilly was great and I was too but we weren't allowed to go to our normal room until I was able to wiggle my toes. I felt just like the bride from Kill Bill. "Wiggle your big toe." I'm sure I said that out loud several times. Turns out I'm a little goofy on drugs. We finally made it to our room on enjoy our sweet little baby girl. The was perfect except for one thing: her sweet little head was completely flat on top because she had been pressed up into my ribs for so long.

The pediatrician said it would probably round out on it's own (which it did) but also informed us that we could choose to put a "shaping helmet" on her. We declined.

I was pretty determined to get up and walk around to get the recovery ball on a roll. It was no fun and hurt like crazy but got easier every time and we got to go home a day early. I was and am so in love with this amazing little creature. She is so full of happiness, wonder and curiosity. I love being a mommy, her mommy. 

 Through all of this I learned that, no matter how they get here, babies are the most amazing thing in the world. 
Thanks for reading my story.

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