The Mischief of Lillian Elouise and the coffee bag

Ben had the day off yesterday so I got to spend a little time on the computer while Lillian was awake. This is what I heard while I was shut away in the computer room:

Daddy: "Lillian, what are you doing? Oh, no. No no. Lillian that is naughty. Daddy should have been paying more attention."
Me: "What's going on out there?"
Daddy: "Nothing! Don't come out here!"

Well, you know I wasn't going to stay put. When I walked out of the computer room the above picture is what I saw. Lillian had grabbed a bag of coffee off the counter and found a few measuring cups. Then she sat on the floor and scooped the coffee out to play with. LOL! So stinkin' cute.

When I ran back into the computer room to grab my phone. Ben did not want me to take a picture (like that would stop me). I felt like the paparazzi.

I ♥ my family.


  1. So cute! We've had a flour incident one time at our house. To say the least- Miss Lillian's mess seems very small and manageable in comparison!

    Megan K.

  2. I just came across your blog and oh my- it's so cute! I will be following from now on :)