10 random thing about me.

1. I love Vicks. A lot. I put it on my lips every night before I go to bed. I put it on the roof of my mouth when I have a tickle in my throat and on the bottom of my feet when I have a cough.

2. I have never been horse back riding. I was afraid of horses when I was young and have since grown out of that fear but the opportunity to ride one has never presented itself. 

Standing outside the Empire State Building. I lived on the same block.

3. I lived in New York City for almost exactly a year. I moved to NYC on August 6th 2004 and moved away on August 8th 2005.

4. I have never broken a bone. I have torn a ligament in my ankle and had to wear a cast for a while as a result. 

5. I have a big space between my big toe and the one next to it on both feet. The space is perfect for holding a bottle of nail polish. 

6. I am horrible at all things grammar and spelling related which I'm sure you've noticed if you have been reading this blog for any length of time.

I cry every time Christian runs up and hugs them in the video.

7. I love (love love love) big cats. When I was a kid I dreamed of becoming a handler for the lions at the zoo. Having a "Christian the Lion" experience would pretty much be a dream come true for me. 

8. I once played a video game called The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion for eight hours straight. I don't let myself play rpg anymore.

9. I can't seem to stop photographing flowers. 

10. I was supposed to be called Taylor (my middle name) and was until I went to kindergarten. There I met a little boy named Taylor, freaked out thinking I had a boys name and insisted that everyone call me Sara (my first name) instead.

I hope you enjoyed getting to know me a little better.


  1. I cry everytime Christian runs up for the hug too. Every. Single. Time.

  2. I am cracking up at your nail polish holder. Sometime you learned over time, no doubt. At least the space is useful!

  3. Ha! I just realized the post title says "ten random THING about me". Oh, the irony.

  4. #10 make me laugh :o) I'm happy to say I'm a new follower and I love your blog!

  5. Ha ha love the toe thing! :) You should totally try horse back riding though, it's so fun! Just make sure you've got a really nice old horse that don't have the energy to get up to something :)