Last Night

Yesterday was a long day. Ben had some work and social plans that I am very happy he had the opportunity to attend but he the occupied him all day. And by 8pm (Lilly's bed time) I was tired. She managed to make an amazing mess before bed (think dropping a mason jar full of crayons on the tile floor) but since I had already cleaned the house earlier in the day I did this instead...

unpacked my most recent target trip

had a little wine

let curious mr. gnome check out the potting soil

listened to HP&THBP

enjoyed my time with my new friends. 

Today I am going to play with my sweet friend, Jordan, and her little baby. Last week I helped her out with some photography stuff. Hopefully I will post a bit more about that later today. 


  1. oh yes! I love that you're a potter nerd and an audiobook nerd too -YES!!! :) Brian and I listen to audiobooks on long drives - it's my favorite!