Baby Talk V.3

Here are some of my less then favorite things Lilly has picked up:

+ "OUCH!" This is usually yelled for varying lengths of time. I blame it on the fact that she watched the "Charlie bit me" video on YouTube. 

+ "HELP!" I don't exactly know where this came from. We have taught Lilly to use the word help when she needs it but the situation has never been screaming appropriate. It used to only be used on occasions when she couldn't get her snacks open or got stuck between the couch cushions but now it is used interchangeably with no.

Here is a fun example of why I'm not feeling these new phrases. We stopped at the park the other afternoon just to have a quick stroll before headed home for the evening. Upon parking Lillian Elouise decided that she wanted to play in the car instead. When I disagreed (I mean we didn't stop at the park to play in the car!) she started screaming "NO! OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOUCH! HEEEELLLLLLLLLLP!" and was fighting me as I held her arm. A woman in the parking lot looked very alarmed at the sight of us. As I imagined it from her point of view I was mortified. An awful woman (me) restraining a sweet little child who was obviously being beaten and held against her will. Thankfully, Lilly piped down (because she spotted some stairs. She loves stairs.) and we went on our way without any police involvement. 

Uff-da! I thought it was supposed to get easier when they started talking. 

PS- check out v.2 and v.1 for more baby fun.


  1. Awww! That's such a funny story! I mean, I'm sure at the time it wasn't funny, but when she's a couple years older she will love that story :)

    She is such a cutie pie, and such a smart cookie!

  2. So proud of your "uff da!" And I can't wait to teach Lilly more words next week!

  3. Oh man that's a funny and scary situation! I think my heart would leap if I thought about what might be going through that lady's head! So glad everything worked out!
    It's so funny when little ones learn to talk. I love to hear about their favorite words to use!