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August 22, 2009

You know how people always say "kids grow so fast" and "cherish every moment." Well, it's completely true. I can't believe how big my little Lilly is.

April 4, 2011

I thought it would be fun to share some of the cute (and sometimes naughty) things that Lillian is saying these days.

1.) "hot gog" This could mean any food and is mostly used to express that she is hungry. It, of course, also means hot dog (actually a turkey dog) which is one of her favorites.

2.) "oger" meaning yogurt. She is still refusing to drink milk out of her sippy cup ever since we took her off the bottle but she loves her "oger" and chesse so the doc said its no big deal.

3.) "peas" meaning please. But it is the tone she uses while saying it that is so great. About half of the time it is a demanding/excited "PEAS!"  and the other half is a very pathetic, begging kind of "peasssss." Very Newsies.

4.) "mouse" which refers to squirrels. It's close enough and pretty cute so I just go with it. 

5.) "butt cheeks" That's right. My sweet little baby girl says butt cheeks and then squeezes hers. I can already see the notes that will be sent home from school...   

6.) "jibity" meaning Liberty. Our dog's name. 

Please excuse the poor video quality. It was taken on Ben's phone but is way too cute not to share.
I absolutely love that little stinker with every inch of my being.

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  1. Butt cheeks! LOL!! I love that "Jiberty" comes when she's called! :D