MN trip part 3

On the last day of our trip we stayed home and relaxed. Well, I relaxed, Lilly ran around the house like a crazy girl. We went for a walk and ate home made cookies. Emily worked from home to spend some extra time with us. It was an all around good time. 

That night we went to The 50's Grill for dinner. It is one of my favorite places to eat in MN. I got my usual, meatloaf and a chocolate chocolate chip malt. Their malt's are exceptional. I still have not found anything in Florida that can compare.

We had an early flight home. 8 am takeoff! So I pretty much kissed goodbye any hope that Lilly would sleep on the plane. When I checked in they offered me an upgrade to first class for extra $$ (as usual) and I said no (as usual) and then thought to myself... maybe I should. The attendant told me that it included my baggage fee (which was already an arm) and an inflight meal (which can cost about a foot) so I went ahead and threw in the rest of a leg and upgraded. My hopes were realized when no one came to fill the empty seat next to us in first class so Lilly got a seat of her own. And a big comfy seat at that!

And I have to mention how awesome first class was. I told Emily that if you want to be treated like a human being while flying you have to upgrade to first class. They took my bag at check in (normally I have to drag it over to the secure drop off after I check in), I was offered a warm towel to wash my hands and a beverage BEFORE the flight took off. (Fancy, right? It gets better.) My coke came in a glass not a plastic cup. And my meal was pretty great (on a real plate with silverware and everything!). Since it was breakfast they served a spinach quiche, hash brown casserole, ham and fresh fruit with a bottle of water. (Mind you I am still on an airplane, not in a nice restaurant.) And there was a bathroom just for the 16ish of us in first class. It was worth every penny.

We were sad to leave Minnesota but happy to get home to Ben and the doggie/kitty. After our trip I feel refreshed and super motivated to create and blog about it so stick around!

<3, Sara

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