MN trip part 2: Linden Hills

On Saturday Emily and I went to Linden Hills. I immediately fell in love with this cute little neighborhood. I dare say it is close to the tippy top of my "I want to live here" places. We had lunch at Famous Dave's and admired the little quirks of Linden Hills.

This little book store had a little door for kiddo's in its regular sized door! Too cute.

We went to Linden Hills to go to a Vintage Button show. Emily had received a flyer for it at work and saved it for me. She knows me so well. The show was at Linden Hills Yarn which is a super cute yarn store. This little concrete chair was right out front. Check out their website here and blog here!

I chatted with Rebecca Lyon (who collects and sells the vintage buttons, slides and clasps) for a little bit and she allowed me to take some pictures to share here! Rebecca has been collecting buttons for many years. I wish I could remember how many but my silly brain likes to forget details like that. She even told me that she will get on a plane to shop for good buttons. Something that is just as amazing as her button collection is her detail in displaying them. Each set of buttons is stitched onto a special piece of architectural cardboard that is made in the twin cities. Before attaching the buttons she prints patterns onto decorative paper and presses it to the cardboard. She also gives a detailed description of the buttons: what they are made of, where they are from and when they were produced. Her whole setup is inspiring.

I took pictures of my faves. I bought one set (the one on the right in the picture below) but wish I could have bought them all. I'm pretty sure I said "wow..." about a million times. ps- you can click on the pictures to view them in a larger size.


Hope you're having an inspiring day!

ps- Rebecca from our last giveaway has made some fun changes to her blog/etsy. Click here (or her button under sponsors) to check it out.

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