The Mischief of Lillian Elouise - The Toddler Bed

I had some pretty big blogging goals for today. I had a big post to finish putting together that would kick off a new series but Lilly had big plans too. And although I may not have accomplished mine she sure accomplished hers.

If you are wondering why Miss Lillian Elouise has a big grin on her face and a serious mess in her room let me fill you in. I'll start from the beginning. I tried to put her down a little early for her nap because we were driving a friend to the airport in the afternoon. She talked in her crib for about a half hour which is not unusual before she was quiet and, I assumed, asleep. Ben was in the next room when he heard her door knob jiggling. When he opened the door this is what he found. She had escaped her crib and torn up her room.

Boy oh boy, was I unprepared for this.  Should I or shouldn't I move her to a toddler bed? I immediately jumped onto the internet to get advice. The majority answer was yes for safety reasons so Ben converted it. 

Me getting teary eyed as it was coming apart. 

Lilly really liked her new bed until it was time to use it. I didn't want to lock her in her room but I also didn't want to leave her door open so I put some tape over the latch so she could come and go as she pleased without shutting herself out. I also set up a gate at the end of the hallway and closed all the doors in said hallway so she could't get into anything or get out. She cried for about 45 minutes going back and forth from the gate to her bedroom. I hate letting her cry it out but know it's for the best. After she was quiet for a while I went to check on her and she was asleep in her bed with the door almost closed. My little angel is getting so big!

And the mischief continues...


  1. When a child is quiet for any length of time its never a good sign :)

  2. That mischievous little smile in the first picture is gold. So adorable.

  3. So cute! Big girl beds are hard at first for sure. Good job mama!