MN trip part 1

Lilly and I had so much fun surprising her Nana this last week. Emily and I have been planning this trip for about 2 months but managed to keep it quiet which was a miracle. 

Here's a little video of Cathy's reaction:

You'll have to excuse my crazy sounding voice. I attribute it to extreme adrenaline. (thanks a lot, adrenaline!)

We spent lots of time relaxing, catching up and playing around.

The second day we were there Lilly's great grandma came over with two of her cousins  for some play time. Max and Chesney are really Ben's cousins which would make them Lilly's second cousins? I'm not really sure how it works but we just say cousins to make it less confusing all around. As a super cute coincidence, Chesney and I had matching nails.

On Friday we went to the Twin's home opener which is a big deal in Minnesota. Minnesotans LOVE the Twins. I surprised Emily with my knowledge of what the "A" of Oakland "A's" stood for (Athletics) and that I knew who Justin Morneau was. (He is my assigned favorite.) Emily loves the Twins more then any other girl has ever loved a sports team in the history of sports. She likes them more then some guys too. I made her laugh by yelling things like "Way to go you guy there! Way to catch and throw the ball!" My knowledge of baseball is limited.

Target Field is new and really nice. One of my favorite parts was the pattern made in the field. It got me wondering if I could make a baseball turf scarf. We saw sports casters, news crews, TC the Twin's mascot and Bullseye the Target Dog! Lilly and I took a picture with Bullseye. It turns out she is scared of people in costumes. They also rolled out a big (I mean really big) flag for the national anthem and had a fly over. I have to admit that I got pretty chocked up during the anthem. But something that made me laugh throughout the whole game was the name of one of the A's players. Coco Crisp... for real... not a joke. 

Tomorrow I am going to share about the vintage button show I went to. It was pretty awesome so make sure you check it out!

You should also check out Emily's new blog City Limits. She is such a good writer (please always read my updates before hers to ensure I don't look even stupider then usual). Have a great day! 

<3, Sara

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