being 'that lady'

Poor little Lillian has been super sour for the past few days. I think it's due to the change from crib to toddler bed. Now that she has the freedom to wake up and get right out of bed so does so. Before she would hang out in her crib and slowly wake up for about 30 minutes. She has done a good job sleeping in her big girl bed despite the first night (45 minute crying session) and the nap on the following day (or should I say lack there of). The picture is from our trip to Target this morning. She cried the.whole.time. ugh. It's the worst because I am torn between giving her what ever she wants so she will be quiet and people will stop staring at me and being strong. I keep repeating in my head "I am the mother. I am in charge. She doesn't get to have whatever she wants whenever she wants it." It worked today. I am just praying that she gets used to this new routine so I can have my sweet girl back.

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