Baby Talk V.6

I don't know how much longer I can call this feature baby talk. My girl isn't exactly a baby anymore... ah, well. Here are some of the super cute/sassy things Lilly has been spouting off with recently:

  1. Neck-a-nace: This is used interchangeably for necklace and Nicholas (a character in her favorite book).
  2. Crock-a-tail: Crocodile. A new word for her (we stick to alligators usually) but she has a new book that refers to a croc. 
  3. Don't: Alas, she has discovered a new word for no. She uses it a lot. In super fun ways like this: "Mommy, don't talk! No talking!" "Daddy, don't tickle me! No tickling!" It's way cool. 
  4. Cant: Usually goes like this- "Lilly, you need to pick up the cheerios you spilled." "No, I can't." "Lilly, it's almost time to go to bed." "No, I can't." It seems to be her answer for everything recently. So I've tried to stop using the word all together which leads to some pretty in-depth conversations about motivation that probably go way over my toddler's head. 
I know there has to be a ton more but I can't think of them now. Hopefully I can remember to write them down in the future for better documentation. 


  1. awww she is too cute!!

    stopping by to send some bloggy love!!

    hope you can follow me back too

  2. So cute! Thanks for sharing all these amazing stories:) And I love the picture too<3