Mommyhood Monday // Noodle Nose

Hey Friends! If you follow me on IG or twitter you probably already know some of these things but, you know what? I'm going to talk about they anyway!

First, yesterday was my birthday! I spent the weekend relaxing and enjoying time with friends and family. I have eaten a lot of pizza and there is more left over in my fridge. I am a happy lady. 

sleeping with noodle in nose = snoring baby
Secondly (and really more importantly), Lilly sucked a noodle up into her nose last Thursday night. I don't know how it happened, I wasn't in the room at the time, but when I came back she was wiping she was wiping her nose fiercely. We thought she may have just got some garlic salt up there (it was on her noods) so I shot some saline up there and had her blow her nose and she seemed mostly better. As the night progressed though we noticed her nose was running a lot and that she was still uncomfortable. Welp. After closer examination- we saw the noodle. Long story kinda short- I called friends, looked online, tweeted about it and checked her nose over and over before deciding to try and get it out. We could see it after all. Well, the noodle was too soft and we couldn't get it with tweezers. That was good and bad. Bad because I couldn't pull it out but good because I knew it would continue to get softer and come out on its own. A few people advised that I take her to the emergency room. I didn't feel super comfortable doing that not being sure they would be able to pull the flimsy linguine noodle out so I decided to wait until morning. (didn't I say long story short...) She did eventually sneeze it out. It was gross. She was relieved. and now she talks about it all the time. "There a noodle in my nose. All gone." 

Happy noodle free girl. 
To be honest with you I almost rushed her to the er. The stress and anxiety I was feeling over that silly little noodle wanted me to use any means necessary to get it out of my life!! Oh, and out of Lilly's nose. But, looking back, I'm glad I didn't. I am a worrier by nature and I do feel a little proud of myself for letting nature run its course without having to put any more pain and discomfort on my daughter. So my words of motherly advice are these: A small noodle will probably come out of your child's nose on its own. Thankfully, God made our bodies work so that they can deal with those sort of circumstances. Phew. 


  1. Oh my word kids are amazing as to what they choose to do with their noses!!

    I am just glad mama and baby are ok.

    Happy Belated Birthday.

  2. Bloody kids, hee hee! We had an incident with a pea and a nostril here the other day. Happy birthday my dear, I hope you were spoiled. xo
    Love the Cabin crew

  3. Happy birthday! Did not realize our birthdays were so close! Although, would I really have known that? So glad Lilly is back to herself. Having to decide what to do when our little ones are not 100% is so hard. I'm a worrier too, but totally a watch and wait while I worry person. I'm so glad that God gives mommies intuition to know when something is really wrong or that it can wait.

    ps Lilly is so cute!

  4. Happy birthday! I hope that your day was amazing! <3<3

    lilly is tooo stinking cute! I'm very happy she's noodle free.