Mommyhood Monday // Friends

I got this look from Lilly over the weekend and realized that I will FOR SURE being seeing it more and more as she gets older. The look clearly says, "Ok mom! (sarcasm) What ever you say, mom. (more sarcasm)." And while it is still cute at this age it is a good reminder that even though I sometimes wish Lilly thought of me as her BFF that isn't really how parenting works. 

Even at this stage in her life, I feel like all I ever say to her is no. "No! Don't eat that twig!" "No you can't play with that knife." "No ma'am, you may not feed your dinner to the dog." But that is my role for now. And even though it isn't my favorite role she has to understand that there are rules and boundaries. I also want to make sure that she learns to respect authority and to take direction. I have to remind myself that I want to raise my child to be an adult. But you know what?!? Sometimes it sucks! I get so sick of saying no all the time! UGH! That is part of the reason why we do things like paint in the tub because I want her to associate mommy with fun occasionally too. Can you say mommy guilt?

I thank God that I have such a smart toddler but for crying out loud could she stop looking for every loop hole to the rules I lay out for her. 

Turns out this post is more of a little therapy session for me then anything else. So... thanks for letting me vent.(insert awkward laughter here...)


  1. So adorable. You are such a good mom, I love hearing your thought processes on all of this stuff. Hold strong!

  2. I'm at this stage with Ben now too...I'm constantly saying "NO!" or telling him not to do this or that. I hate it but it's gotta be done :/ I can't wait til he's a bit bigger and understands the meaning of no, ha!

  3. I totally hear ya ladies! There was a shirt at the baby shop the other day that said "my name is not NO!" I reckon it's a problem we all have. Don't feel guilty my dear, you're a fab Mum! and maybe when she is 20+ she'll want to be your BFF ;) it took me that long!