20 Weeks

Well, technically I am 20 weeks and 3 days. Things are still going very smoothly. Like I said before, time seems to be flying by during this pregnancy. I remember feeling like it was the longest wait to find out if Lilly was a girl or boy and we already know with this one! (girl) I also feel waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay huger (more huge?) then I did at this point last time but I suppose that goes with the territory the second time around. I had a friend over last week who is a few days shy of 40 weeks and she said, "Sara! My belly button is already half way popped out!" 40 weeks. My belly button gave up about two weeks ago. It isn't all the way out but enough that you can see it through shirts and makes it appear that I have a third nipple. le sigh. I have struggled emotionally a little this week. My fuse is very short and unfortunately I've lost my temper with Lilly a few times. I am so thankful that my husband is willing to pick up the slack on the days I am easily overwhelmed and that he continues to encourage me to be better (even though I can have a hard time being reasonable while he is attempting to encourage me).

Overall, things are going swimmingly. I am anxious to name this little girl so I don't have to call her "little girl" anymore. This could be a bit of a daunting task considering how long it took Ben and I to agree on a name last time... I'll keep you update. 


  1. You are rocking the baby bump! So cute!

  2. You are SOOOOO Cute!!!! Like the cutest pregnant lady <3
    Im so sorry your having a rough week, I'll be praying things get easier

  3. You are definitely huger :) It's adorable. And I see your owl picture hanging behind you!!! love.

  4. Uh hello there! Aren't u just the cutest pregnant chick ever?!

  5. You look great!
    Everyone always says the first birth is the longest/hardest/etc and it just gets easier from then on! (I can't wait to have kids lol)