Baby Talk V.7

Lilly says, "I just need to do some work."

Welp. Lilly is growing up way to fast. These cute words are becoming fewer and fewer. The other day she even corrected "fry guy" to "french fry"... I almost cried. Here are some of her new sayings:

  1. Bing Bang Chair- Bean bag chair. She got one for christmas.
  2. Daddy poop- This is probably an overshare- but when she has a BM she always wants to check it out. When there are only tiny little turds in the potty she says, "Where's the daddy poop?" meaning a big one. Haha! I think this came from naming other things (like boxes or dolls) Daddy for the largest, Mommy for the middle and Lilly for the smallest. I find it super funny- apparently funny enough to share with everyone. ha. 
  3. Paris Bear- This is a teddy bear she got for christmas from her great grandma. When its hands are touched together is says a prayer... which she calls a paris. 
  4. Swipe- translated simply to wipe. But it is super cute when she says it. 
  5. Clip- cut. She dreams of being able to cut things it seems because she asks at least once a day to clip something. 
  6. Veggies- Ok, this one stumps me. It took me several days to figure out what she wanted. Turns out it's not vegetables! According to Miss Lilly "veggies" are fruit snacks. I'm pretty sure I made this face when I figured it out.
Why can't they stay little forever?!? (ha. jk.)

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    1. Oh my gosh! So adorable! I never consider poo talk an over share ;)