ok- so this pic is from a week or so ago but I am currently wearing the same white tank.

I stole this from Dani (again). It is seriously one of my favorite posts. I would love to do one of these a month. Hopefully I can remember...

- obsessing over: The Hunger Games. I really wish I could say something more mature then that but I can't. Honesty at it finest (and most embarrassing). I literally cannot stop thinking about the books. When I get into a series I can't help obsessing over character motivation and unexplained parts (I mean did Peeta kill that girl when he was with the tributes or not??!? Foxface was attributed as his first kill so he must have lied before...? Arg!) I have watched the trailer for the movie about 30 thousand times. Yep. Obsessed. 

- working on: perfecting a pattern for smaller stuffed animals. I follow a pattern I bought in a kit years ago for most of my toys but I would like to makes something a little bit smaller so I can make more the one a month! I tried to translate my knit pattern to crochet (gave up) and have tried the pattern with half the knit stitches but same proportions. Boy, does it look funny. Some tweaking is still needed for sure.

- thinking about: what I am going to name this little girl! Whenever I feel her move I want to call her by her name and not just "little girl" but I haven't come up with anything yet. I have a baby name book that I love but it is currently making its way back to me from being out on loan. I am so excited about giving her a name.

- eating: gum. It helps to keep me from snacking constantly which seems to be a theme of my pregnancy.

- wishing: it was mid-February. My MIL is coming to stay with us for two weeks. I am so excited. I know that is generally the opposite sentiment when it comes to mother-in-laws but I really do love mine. Plus, having someone with me and Lilly all day every day for two weeks. YES PLEASE. So excited.

What's going on with you?


  1. Cute photo! Yes, you have to give your little girl name soon! I'm quite busy with classes and training but still manage to run my online shops :)

    1. Good to hear from you Dita! I'm glad you're doing well.

  2. Baby names I love: Charlotte, Sophia, Elodie (our little girl's name!) Evelynn. I hope you get your book returned soon !!!!!

    And...I had to skip over your hunger games paragraph. I haven't read them yet and was terrified you might give something away !!!!