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Whoa. It's almost been a whole week since I blogged last. That is the longest I've even gone since I started this blog almost a year ago. What have I been doing you ask? Potty training and reading The Hunger Games series. Between the two of those things I hardly had time to breath let alone blog! I have lots of thoughts on THG but will save those for another post. zxxxzxzxxzxxzxXxjnmkml,........ (that last little bit was from Lilly.)

Potty training has gone remarkably well. We tried a few months ago and it was a disaster. Everytime she sat on her little potty it ended in a fight so, after my doctor's recommendation, we decided to wait. Let me just say waiting was one of the best parenting decisions to date. She has taken to it this time like a fish to water. Well, almost. Last Monday we went straight into big girl panties which she got in her stocking. She only had one accident on Monday then continued to go in the potty pretty consistently. She had one nap time accident so I decided to do training pants during sleep times which has been great. I think she only had 3ish other accidents after that. Pee Pee accidents, I should say.

Pooping has been a whole different story. She didn't poop at all Tuesday though Saturday. I knew she was just being stubborn but was fed up so I filled her up with apple juice and fiber filled cereal and that did the trick. She pooped on the potty once. Since then she has been very inconsistent. She poops a little on the potty but most of the big turds are reserved for her panties. It is sad/hysterical. It's like she can't feel it coming and then starts to panic. Full on high pitched screaming/immobility while clutching her butt. Haha. Hopefully she resolves that soon!

As for me, potty training has been easier then anticipated. I am naturally a worry wart. I was so full of anxiety about this! It certainly has been a learning experience. I have mostly learned to laugh more. I thought I would freak out over accidents. I was not looking forward to cleaning them up but it really hasn't' been a big deal. We even had once accident at the Goodwill that was my fault. She told me she had to go and we made it to the bathroom but I didn't pull her panties down far enough and put her too close to the edge of the seat so her pee when up and over the edge and into her panties. Amazingly, I got a good laugh out of that one. I have been so laid back! Who would have thought. ;)

Overall, we are happy and she is happy. She loves her panties which are Minnie Mouse, YGG and Tangled. She picked them herself. The lesson learned is that you can't rush potty training (oh, and that mom should relax). As a friend of mine told me, "When they're ready- they're ready."

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  1. Goodness me, that post just made me laugh so hard I almost needed a potty.