Mommyhood Monday // Friends

photo stolen from Amy

Can I just say how happy I am to have this girlie as a friend. Mom friends are so important. I know that may sound silly but it is the truth! 

Amy (of Buggie and Jellybean) and I met through instagram. Soon after I found out that she lived semi close to me and our internet romance blossomed. Amy is an amazing mom and super creative. We finally met up (at Target. Ha!) and hit it off. We have the same sense of humor and have kiddos that are the same age. Nolan and Lilly are so cute together and Nolan's big sis, Avery, is pretty sweet too. 

We hang out with our kiddos but occasionally have girls nights too. We had one last night. We tried a new (to us) Vietnamese restaurant and spent the rest of the night messing around at Starbucks. Girl time honestly refreshes my soul. We talk and laugh and share frustrations. When I was a new mom I had zero mom friends. Trust me on this one- having other mom friends is necessary. You know when you have those days when you think you may actually loose your mind? They've been there. Or when you are crying in your kitchen because your kid just threw the second lunch you prepared for them on the floor. They've been there. They understand and encourage. They are a blessing and a half.
I'll say it again- I am thankful for her and our friendship. 

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  1. gosh I am so thankful you two found each other on IG!

    I really hope to meet you two when I come down to visit my sister in St Pete. you both refresh my soul with your blogs/words of encouragement and your pictures